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i just come from Nihon tv web and there will be some saya moment for next week.
Episode 7

"From two weeks ago, Saya had been haunted by the man of a dangerous atmosphere. For Fumie to worry about Saya, promises to "become a force at any time" Tetsuya is. On the other hand, Tatsuya, and the guys were assaulted in high school classmate Kunikida, was ahead of the duel. Tatsuya get fired up while been a fool "ta for now, is pathetic fool" and, and, can not be Kaomuke in late brother.

Fumie enters the original e-mail SOS to worry about Saya next morning, still not come to school. Fumie urged to be shaken, Tetsuya go to the source of Saya ran out. Same time, Tatsuya is to protect the pride of the field fool, in order to protect the promise of his brother, along with the fellow to go toward field of honor."

can't wait for next week.... i really hope saya-tetsuya moment... i dont know but i'm really shipping tatsuya with fumie... may be from 1st episode i saw fighting scene when opening song happen, 2 couples in my head were tatsuya-fumie and tetsuya-saya..
or...it just because i feel jealous to fumie..? i kind like tetsuya character. he is close to my boy type LOL.....
12 February 2012 @ 10:17 am

Abcz performance always amazing. Just now I watch their DVD. They are really workhard and independence. Make their own choreo and doing rehearsal with juniors. The way they give advice to juniors on rehearsal make me find their charisma…

I can’t help to not staring to their rehersal fashion. They look cute and still kakoi without stage custom. Ahh…abcz… I guess my love to this group will be increase by the time.

Seeing them doing acrobatic moves make me think how hard the rehersal to make such result. I wonder how many injuries tsuka chan get to jump and fly like that… he is like having a wings..  if Tsuka chan is a child I think it’s normal because children elastic body is good. But he is adult. Need courage, rehersal, to get that result… I hope he will be alright doing acrobatic moves on stage or on music program. I’ll cry if he get accident or such. His nice smile, kind heart, and acrobatic moves make me fall for him… but don’t worry Hashi, your voice is the best.. for me your type of voice is ichiban in JE. ABC-Z ganbaretsugo!!

10 January 2012 @ 03:35 am
after 2 weeks alone at home finally this afternoon my parent will back home... it means i can't online till midnight anymore.......... oh my god, why this happen when my internet conection turn well and i'm starting enjoy download big file in MF....??
with my parent at home they don't let me online after dinner... my boring life is back??? but at home alone also lonely but free life without someone butt what i'm doing...
i'll miss this time,,,,
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30 November 2011 @ 11:03 am
it's so hard to find their video performance. i can't hope for youtube and my internet connection is so bad, make me give up for download through MF. i try to open tudou and search for yan yan jump... yes! there is challenge by shoki, jesse (oh my god.. he is handsome and i dislike his wish to stop grow in height!why?many people wanna grow tall. if he thinks the balance of group will be bad if he is tall alone, he can see junno kun in kattun. it's ok right?)
i'll be back to tell you about yan yan jump.

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16 November 2011 @ 09:03 am
i'm Ella
i'm from indonesia.. i like k pop and j pop... during junior high school i was crazy with manga... i love detective conan so much and all shoujo manga.. but during halyu wave i'm starting to like korean drama and k pop...
when i'm into tohoshinki activities in japan i start to know j pop group specially johny's. i'm news, kattun and hey say jump fans... but recently i'm starting to love hip hop jump as well...

this journal will be free i'm into about..
(sorry for my poor english ;)  )

yosh......... tulisan pertama live journal selesai.......!!!!
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